The primary tool of all online business is a website. A website is the online representation of a company that works as a platform to inform and educate the online viewers about the business, its products and services offered. Unlike traditional medium of broadcasting and print, a website of a company surpasses all the limitations and ensures easy reach to all the online viewers present all round the world.

Almost all business has accumulated some local recognition, however what about the targeted customers who are present outside the community. It is the website that highlights your company to the entire world and the additional advantages that a webpage offers is perfect endorsement, promotion, high traffic, easy accessibility of the website and a better company-client relationship.

Once you have determined to design a website by Best Web Solution, just press click on the “Contact” page link given on our website, which will instantly open a questionnaire form, which your are requested to fill in order to convey us what you require from our company.

Upon receiving your message, our employees will reach you in no time with our complete report and send you the detailed report prepared for your website which will incorporate the basic layout, Site Map along with the quotation which will cost you for designing and developing your website.

Right after the confirmation from your side, our dedicated team will prepare a trial site with all the components proposed by you and host it on our personal server to bring visibility to the site. Once you approve the design and development, we finalize the project and upload your website on the new server purchased for you.

The duration for preparing your website counts on the size and the requirement of a website. A smaller website takes 1-2 working days while a larger website needs 15-20 day approximately. However, the minimum time it takes depends on how large a website is, since a website requires good amount of programming and a perfect database work.
At the start of the development process for your company website, we charge 50% of the total development costs, the remaining balance of 50% will be charged after the launching of your website on the web (www) with your complete satisfaction. However, we start the development immediately upon receiving the initial payment.

Moreover, we directly receive payment either by cheque or cash. Upon confirmation of payment we normally start the development process of the website, setup the hosting and register a domain for the customer.

Best Web Solution is much affordable and within the reach of every customer. We value each and every client and give more importance to our service, so that our customers can satisfy completely with our work and all customers can avail our service easily.
Best Web Solution is the ultimate company that offers overall website design and development process that normally incorporates Responsive website design, Static website design, Dynamic website design and Flash website design. Moreover, we offer our large clientele PHP Web Development, iPhone and Android Apps Development, eCommerce site design and development, and Open Source Customization service with utmost satisfaction.
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Besides website design and development, Best Web Solution is renowned for SEO services which deliver best ever online recognition of the website on the web. We take pride for our dedicated SEO team, who takes each and every project seriously to bring increased traffic and high visibility to our customer’s sites, converts the targeted visitors to the paying customers and additionally escalates the search engine page rank of the website.
Best Web Solution provides 3 consecutive months FREE technical support to the clients after launching the site on the web (www). Additionally, we answer your questions regarding website management, software development, technical details or anything about operating your own website whenever you need to know from us.