Responsive Website – A New Trendsetter of 2015

April 21st has already set in, and counting on Google’s new update, unless a webpage isn’t mobile compatible, the site may face a significant decrease in ranking in mobile search results.

Early in February, Google shared that the mobile-friendly webpage will get an increased ranking in mobile search engine result, and sites that aren’t mobile-compatible are like to reduce its ranking.

It has been observed that above 60% of the web traffic emerges from the mobile search results, and hence, this could create a significant impact on thousands of websites that are devoid of responsive design. Beginning with the large brands to small-scale and local business enterprises, all of a sudden these sites became the victim of poor search result.

Despite having a strong regulation concerning this new update, hardly few people are well acquainted with the use as well as the prime significance of a mobile optimized website. To be very simple, a mobile-friendly website is similar to other websites present on the web, but with a simple difference that is responsive web designing technique which qualifies the site for all types of mobile platforms.

A responsive website design is the latest designing trend which allows a website to adapt the size of any mobile device.  This technique prepares the website to open on a smart phone, tablet, laptop as well as on the desktop devices. Responsive design makes fast interaction and builds the site easier to open on all mobile phones.

Let’s have a quick look on the advantages of responsive website, and how it affects the growth of a webpage.

Convenient, faster and smarter user-experience: Responsive websites are easy to reach no matter what the device you are making use of while browsing the site.

Affordability: A responsive site requires longer time to design and develop, but it supports, manages and upgrades from time to time which reduces the cost as well as timing.

SEO friendly: Responsive website is a unified collaboration of mobile-friendly and SEO-friendly approach which result in high online traffic along with increased page rank.

Increases Conversion Rate: Being optimized and mobile-friendly, responsive website escalates conversion rate and helps in converting leads into paying customers too.

Responsive website is not a new emerging trend lately, rather it is the essential requirement of every entrepreneur having a website on the web right after the new Google update. Hence, let’s experience how a mobile compatible site works for you, and build your site a powerful tool for promoting your online business.